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R&D Centers

· 500 SM facility
· Large private library of characterized phages and bacteria
· Includes Level II facilities
· Focused on delivery systems R&D


· 1,500 SM facility
· Includes Level II facilities
· Currently working on 6 new products, 1 product that has been registered in China
· Academic cooperate with 6 universities for different projects
· Primarily working on phages for animal health, including for feeds and medicines


· 920 SM facility
· Includes Level II facilities
· Lysin lab with additional scale up capabilities
· Primarily working on lysins for human uses


Manufacturing Centers

SLC - OmniLytics - AgriHealth Production Facility
· OmniLytics is a Phagelux Acquired Subsidiary – Large scale non-GMP and lab for AgriHealth Products (currently manufacturing agricultural phages)
· Lab primarily focused on crop sciences


· Size: 700 Plus SM – Scale up manufacturing and supply samples for pre-clinical and clinical trial
· Designed as GMP like facility but is also being used for some non-GMP interim manufacturing


Shangdong CMO Factory
· Over 1000SM, 3*10 tons fermentation facilities
· Phagelux has invested and equipped the purification and concentration systems
· Phagelux has invested and equipped the packaging lines and the 4℃ storage facilities
· Manufacturing non-GMP product